Don't tell us what to do

Having university teachers and managers as a principal target group is no easy task. It is useless simply to organize a few workshops or training sessions for university teachers. In universities especially, teachers have something of an aversion to being trained, and above all on issues they do not necessarily see as being relevant to their own discipline. Nor do they want to be instructed 'top-down' on methodologies and the subject matter of their own lectures. If we really want to be effective in integrating elements of sustainable development in overall higher education, it is necessary for the lecturer to see the specific intellectual challenges that sustainable development poses to his or her discipline.

"An aversion to being trained" is a wonderful understatement.

From Appel, G., Dankelman, I., & Kuipers, K. (2004). Disciplinary Explorations of Sustainable Development in Higher Education. In Higher Education and the Challenge of Sustainability (pp. 213–222). Dordrecht: Springer Netherlands.