Don't worry this won't be yet another post on the Internet where a professor complains about grading student work.

I thought I would quickly share a new workflow for grading I've been trying out.

First, a bit of background. I grade my assignments in two stages. First I go through and make comments. Students that have roughly a week to make corrections based on his comments to improve their grades. My students all share their work with me via Google Docs. This is something I started doing about a year ago And it makes things a lot easier to organize compared to when we were sharing documents in Moodle and emailing back-and-forth. This way the initial draft, revisions, comments, and final draft all exist in the same document.

This past Christmas my wife was nice enough to buy me a new iPad Air. I mainly been using this for reading but this week I decided to try grading on the iPad. So far it's been really nice. I go through the document on the iPad, select a word or phrase I want to comment on (using my trusty Cosmonaut stylus), and comment using the voice recognition built into the iPad.

It's not perfect. Siri often misses words and it can be slower if I need to go back and revise the sentence. However I like it. It allows me to collect things electronically but give me the feel of grading papers like I did back in the classroom.